At Codeworks, we strive to attract a diverse and inclusive talent pool that reflects our unwavering commitment to workplace equity while providing our clients with top technical talent.

We know that by focusing on talent that represents the diverse world we work and live in, we create a more productive, innovative, and sustainable workforce. We celebrate the unique traits and characteristics of each and every individual on our team, and we encourage all team members to be their authentic selves.

We believe that our commitment to diversity and inclusion will mutually benefit our company, our customers, and the communities we serve.


Attract Diverse Talent

Whether it’s our recruiters knowing where to reach and connect with diverse candidates, or employees referring candidates from their personal network, a diverse team gives us access to a more diverse candidate pool, which means greater selection.  With this in mind, we commit to leverage training and technology to ensure our team members are identifying and developing relationships with diverse candidates for hiring to both our corporate team and our contractor team. 

Employee Growth and Equity

We will strive to find ways to create growth and opportunity for diverse candidates by creating and supporting work environments where all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to growth opportunities and resources, and can contribute to Codeworks and our Clients success.   In addition, we will ensure and sustain a diverse leadership team that is committed to identifying and eliminating barriers that could make the workplace less accommodating to diverse individuals.

Team Synergy and Inclusion

The efficiency of a team generally depends on the success of each member and synergies among team members.  We will strive to ensure resources are in place that encourage and guide team members to support one another and support the unique traits and characteristics of our team members.  In addition, we will work with our Clients to ensure our contractors work in environments that foster acceptance, equity, and inclusion. 

Community Presence

A truly diverse company’s talent should match its customer base—for both candidates and clients. To support this pillar, we need to ensure that Codeworks is recognized by our candidates and customers as being a company that values diversity. We actively connect and support our community by sponsoring and attending events and initiatives for a broad set of Organizations in addition to amplifying their voices on our web platforms. 


Ben Reed
Web+Social Media

Dodie Kovac

Jen Anderson

Embracing diversity isn't just a checkbox; it's a commitment to understanding, respect, and unity. As I curate and recognize diverse holidays, cultural events, and highlight stories of inclusivity on Codeworks' social media platforms, I strive to cultivate an inclusive space that not only educates and engages our audience but also fosters a sense of belonging among our internal staff. By amplifying diverse voices and experiences, we not only enhance our understanding of one another but also empower each individual to bring their whole selves to the table, driving innovation and growth within our organization.
I believe that recruiting and supporting workers of various backgrounds is crucial for my company's success. It involves implementing policies and initiatives aimed at ensuring all candidates and employees feel welcomed and prepared to excel in whatever role they fulfill internally or with our Clients. As part of my role on Codeworks DE&I committee, I support collecting metrics and providing reporting to ensure our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is reflected in our outcomes.
I recognize the impact that a diverse workforce can have on innovation, creativity, and overall success within an organization. By providing specialized Training opportunities to our Recruiting and Sales team, we aim to ensure that our hiring processes are equitable, unbiased, and inclusive, attracting a wide range of talented individuals. Additionally, empowering our Sales team with the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate the value of diversity and inclusion to clients reinforces our commitment to these principles not only internally but also throughout our partnerships and engagements.

Kristen Williams
Recruiting Operations

Kyra Nakamatsu
Web+Social Media

In my perspective, recruiting operations are pivotal as they directly influence the composition of our workforce. Implementing inclusive hiring practices ensures that we attract a diverse pool of candidates, reflecting varied perspectives and experiences. By prioritizing DEI in recruiting, we not only strengthen our organizational culture but also enhance innovation and problem-solving. Recruiting operations play a crucial role in building a workforce that values diversity, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and included.
Establishing a strong online presence through a dedicated website and active engagement on social media play pivotal roles in advancing our DE&I initiative. They serve as accessible platforms for sharing resources, organizational commitments, connecting with diverse audiences, and amplifying voices from underrepresented communities. These digital channels foster transparency, communication, and community-building, essential elements for driving meaningful change in the pursuit of diversity and inclusion by reaching a broader and more varied audience.